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Ancestry DNA Confirmation and Other New Discoveries in My Follansbee Family History

Well, it has been a little while since I have been on here. Lots of research into the family tree to add. I have focused on my Nelson/Ostberg branch for the last six months or so, as well as other lines (Moodey, Sweet, and others).  This year, I plan to continue the “Report to the Follansbee Association” and I need to update some earlier posts with newly found information, and other problems with dates and what-not.

Other happenings: I did the Ancestry DNA, which did verify what I already knew. However, I was surprised with the percentage of English heritage near 50%. with a total 100% European.breakdown

My current interest has been Scandinavia. With a distant cousin in Norway, I have really enjoyed a tremendous amount of information, pictures, family stories, and new family connections. The best part, being that I do not read Norwegian, is all the directly translated information. Jan, has many hours in research for our shared connections (Ostberg) as well as my direct connections (unshared) through my Norwegian  Great-Great Grandfather, my Nelson line. I share some minor DNA with Finland via my Great Grandmother Lauha Saari and Great Grandfather Viktor Lusti. My 15% Irish is via my immigrant great grandmother Ellen Manning.


Recently, I joined a local lodge for the Sons of Norway. I love the idea of learning about my ancestors culture, learning how to cook some national dishes, and make some new connections. I plan to add some more surname pages to share some of these fantastic family histories.

My most recent and fantastic discovery is in my Moody line.  If the tree is actually accurate back to Edmund Moodye c.1500’s, then I have an ancestor that saved King Henry VIII from drowning (you can see the scene in Tudors) and was granted money and a coat of arms. How likely is it that we are actually related? I am skeptical for now, I only found the connection and story by following hints on I doubt I will take the effort and time to paper chase this, I have enough to paper verify with my early generations. But, it is a fun story.





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